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Warrick/Greg Fics

Okay, I have convinced myself that I have indeed read every single Warrick/Greg fic out there. Slowly but surely I'll be posting links to every single Warrick/Greg fic in existence, that's the goal. This list is all about quantity. And everyone is welcome to add more to the list by commenting here. Okay...

Oh, and try to leave feedback for the authors. They like that kind of stuff.

The Ultimate List of Warrick/Greg Fanfiction
Multiple Pairings
***Greg/Warrick Gil/Greg/Warrick
Gil/Greg/Nick/Warrick G/W + Gil/Warrick + Nick/Warrick
G/W + Greg/Nick
G/W + Nick/Warrick
G/W + Gil/Warrick + Nick/Warrick
G/W + Gil/Greg + Greg/Nick + Nick/Warrick
G/W + Greg/Nick + Nick/Warrick

amazonqueenkate Mondays at the Office Hodges has an unusual Monday morning, to say the least.
Angelise Unseen Agony Greg comes to Warrick's defense.
Ben McLain Expect The Unexpected Someone on the inside is trying to kill Greg. And then someone else likes him.
bennizzlejizzle Warrick Is Early Nick’s worried about Warrick. Warrick’s worried about the new DNA tech and her relationship with Greg. Greg’s worried about… well, Warrick has no clue what he’s worried about.
Benny Pain Beyond Hurt What happens when things go wrong.
boho_beata Get Some Rest 3x22 Play With Fire - Scene 20 - With my own little twist
He's No You Greg... was a flirt. Warrick was... possessive.
Life Was Good Ring inscriptions.
To Be Destroyed "When you think of explosion, you think to fall apart, to be destroyed." -Ms. Muller, my English teacher
Welcome Home If Greg wasn't in bed with him, sleeping wouldn't be easy.
cazmalfoy Touch of My Hand ‘Cause I just discovered, Imagination’s taking over, Another day without a lover / The more I come to understand, The touch of my hand
gryvon The Bet Warrick would give anything to get Greg to shut up.
haitoku Jacklight No summary.
Sordid Truth No summary.
immortalje Magnetic Relations Warrick thinks about his relationship with Greg.
it_glitters Drinking Buddies No summary.
julianlee Five Ways Warrick Wasn't Gay No summary.
***juneprota ***A Smile's Worth Warrick runs into the newest labrat at a gay club and takes it upon himself to teach the kid a few things.
***Act or Not Warrick has a way with words.
Can You Feel the Beat? Drabble. Warrick and Greg run into each other at a club.
***Cutting My Losses QAF Crossover. When things get too hard to handle in Vegas, Greg runs to Pittsburgh and the person that knows him best, his longtime friend, Justin Taylor. Little does he know, running away will have serious consequences.
Dresses and Gowns Drabble. Greg's in the hospital.
Dresses and Gowns Revisited Convo-only. Greg's in the hospital and wants to leave. He and Warrick talk. Lots of randomness.
***Faded Paper Sequel to Vegas Native Rule #1. As the years pass, Greg and Warrick seem to find each other again and again.
If You Were Mine Greg lays his cards on the table.
***In The Night Greg has a tough time with a tough case.
***It's Christmastime in Sin City Greg isn't quite sure how he and Warrick ended up making out in front of the Las Vegas Crime Lab staff, but he has a feeling it's all Warrick's fault.
Kinda Cute Greg's turning 39 and he's kind of freaking out.
Kinda Romantic Drabble. Warrick and Greg dance.
Living Is Experiencing Drabble. People don't understand the attraction.
Mother, Mother Greg's mother comes into town to spend time with her son and the new man in his life.
***Putting the Fun in Family Function A moment of Greg and Warrick at a Brown family function.
***Some Investigator Short Drabble. Nick notices something different about his best two friends.
Summer Was Won Warrick just wants to go home, and he's counting the seconds as his shift drags on.
Sunday Mornings Sunday mornings are about as perfect as the world gets.
***Vegas Native Rule #1 AU. When his family chooses Las Vegas as their vacation destination, Greg decides the city has nothing to offer an eighteen-year-old. Young CSI Warrick Brown sets out to change his mind.
***Virtues Become Vices A case hits Warrick close to home.
***Waiting and Dating Warrick and Greg meet in an unusual way.
Way Off Beat Drabble. Warrick says "I Love You" for the first time.
Kleine Snowdrop Little Comforts Warrick visits Greg in the hospital.
Matchmaker Nick plays matchmaker.
Memories Warrick comforts Greg after he has nightmares.
mamalaz Under Observation Greg doesn't know why Warrick Brown makes him nervous but being a nerd at heart, he sure as hell is going to find out.
mawishness Viva Las Vegas Takes place after “Viva Las Vegas”. Greg doesn’t know what to feel anymore, and Warrick’s stuck in the middle of his rampage.
mondeo Meet the Sanders Warrick meets Greg’s family for the first time, but things don’t exactly go according to plan.
mystiktears For You: 1 | 2 | 3 A serial killer on the loose gets Warrick and Greg.
dontwantmeback CSI Fic #2 No summary.
carinascott Mornings Greg’s thoughts during his stay in the hospital.
Safe In His Arms Warrick comes home to a pleasant surprise.
Undulating Warrick comes home to a pleasant surprise.
Nikki M. Head Cold: Part Deux Warrick’s sampling the cough medicine again.
Paradise4writin and Radek McKay Convention Forgiveness After a break up, Warrick and Greg find themselves in a hotel during a convention.
Pearl Little Death Steamy good times with Warrick and Greg.
perpet_fic A Nano-er Bites the Dust Greg does Nano. Warricks muses.
Aftershock How to deal after a surprising event.
Calming Down No summary.
In the Field Drabble.
Inspiration Greg's doing NaNo. Warrick is his muse.
Twist-Dip-Tease Slow night at the lab. Sex almost insues. R.
petal_n_thorn Waking Up What happens when Greg wakes up.
Rostand Nothing to Something Ah, alcohol. The lubricant of love. Greg and Warrick get tanked and do some "make bonding."
sandersyager About Need CSI ficlet, R/NC-17, angsty sex between Warrick and Greg.
Cracks in the Surface Sleep should come easy.
I Put A Spell On You Nina Simone is not a porn star.
Nothing Else 500 words about black shirts and building a life together.
Times Like These Time's a luxury they don't have.
SheWolf He Said A What if situation, different ending to Play with Fire. After the explosion, Greg is covered with glass and bleeding, Warrick realizes it might just be to late...
sylumlunatic 2 Hours Late No summary.
72 Hours No summary.
A Moment's First Kiss No summary.
Anniversary Surprises No summary.
Best Surprise No summary.
Big Kids with Big Toys What's really in their closet?
Blindfolded Angel Blindfolds are fun.
Breakfast CSI Style No summary.
Comforting Hand No summary.
First Impressions Might Be Wrong No summary.
Guess Who's Coming for a Visit No summary.
Handcuffing Bastard Oh handcuffs are cold.
How To Get Your Man to Say I Love You in Four Days No summary.
Night Time Visit Someone is watching them.
Price to Pay No summary.
Queen in the Morning No summary.
Stuck in the Middle With You No summary.
The Choices He Made No summary.
The End is Here No summary.
The Heart That Would Never Break No summary.
The Last Man He Would Ever Kiss No summary.
The Perfect Sunrise No summary.
The Real Reason the Music Was Loud No summary.
Together No summary.
When Weeks Feel Like Years No summary.
The Tenth Muse1 Romanology Master Gil Grissom, head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab, finally finds the perfect slave in Nick Stokes.
xvampirechildx Wrong Turn Greg's out looking for friends and wanders into the wrong bar...

Angelise Flying Home Grissom returns homes from a trip.
Late Night Why is Greg not at home with his lovers?
Listen to What I Hear There comes a time when Gil will lose something precious.
Missing You A recent disaster out of state requires Greg's skill as a DNA specialist.
Santa to the Rescue Gil, unknowingly, volunteers Greg to work Xmas.
The Color of Jealousy is...Red? Greg gets upset about the Valentine gifts given to his lovers.
The Present It's Gil's birthday and Greg gives a present and receives one in return.
Dayna Christmas Treats Warrick has a little Christmas surprise for his lovers.
Loonywoif Come Home PG: Warwick needs...
misstemperance Pinned Butterflies A quiet evening at home.
nation_eldiablo The Life of His Dreams No summary.

anmani Dungeon Master A monthly meeting.
The Loft Three guys having a good time.
ebi_chan Macadamia Nuts No summary.
***edgecity Valentines Warrick has two valentines and a new reminder of the men he loves.
***Untitled Takes place after Organ Grinder, the ep where Greg tentatively tries to ask Sara out.
faerie_lullaby The Cure for All Things Greg likes to tease, and in turn, gets punished for it.
kliqzangel The Lonely Child Nick takes his lovers home and Warrick has a tough time adjusting feeling like an outsider. Will he relax or will the Stokes family be more than their relationship can handle?
mikewendell I'll Answer If You Do. Nick blushes a lot.
sandersyager Getting To Me Nick didn't mean to see it.
sunhawk Snowflake No summary.

dhvana One Step at a Time The new man in Greg's life has an inadvertant impact on those around him, Warrick in particular.

joanne_c An Act Of Faith When you have no memory, every act is an act of faith. It's all you have to go on.

knotted_rose What Greg Sanders Really Wants What does Greg Sanders really want? For that matter, what do Nick, Warrick, and Gil really want as well?

Greg/Warrick + Greg/Nick
edgecity Results Sanders gets results, in and out of the lab.
my wheezy Quietly Into the Night Greg knows it has to stop.

Greg/Warrick + Nick/Warrick
edgecity and sandersyager What You Need They're in a tentative place, still separating what they want from what they need, and there are some things they just don't talk about.
carinascott Counterfeit Love: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Warrick is torn, but he must make a choice.
phobiaofshae Pretending No summary.
sandersyager Easier that Way It's easier to go home to someone who understands what it is you do all night.

Greg/Warrick + Gil/Warrick + Nick/Warrick
sandersyager and edgecity ThepolyBDSMmanwhoreyoukiddingnomorebetsuniverseproject No summary.

Greg/Warrick + Gil/Greg + Greg/Nick + Nick/Warrick
edgecity Hormigas Coloradas After Nick's kidnapping, Warrick and his partners are there to pick up the pieces.

Greg/Warrick + Greg/Nick + Nick/Warrick
kentucka A Love Triangle: Today | Tomorrow No summary.

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